Kosta Andonowski

web development

Kosta Andonovski

Once you have identity, it’s time to decide what marketing infrastructure you require. For many people it’s a website. But for a special few it may just be a social channel, a 3rd party ecommerce platform or you may not need any digital infrastructure (imagine that!)
Kosta is the man that helps figure this out.

  • Web architecture and infrastructure
  • Redundancy
  • Security
  • Database development
  • Visual UX

step 9

Web architecture + infrastructure

As with any development, in the real or digital world, getting your architecture and infrastructure sorted at the beginning can save you much time and effort in the long term. We consider all aspects of use for your your digital platforms. Things like peak web use, use implementation worldwide, security, redundancy and modular growth of your platform as your business changes into the future.

step 10


As with any business process in the real world, your digital channels need to consider 'What happens if'. Mapping out these situations ahead of time ensures minimal downtime (or none at all). No system is perfect, however we try to make our web solutions as robust as possible.

step 11


Security is extremely important. A breach can: - Change the way your website is viewed - Steal user data from your customers - Steal transactions from your customers - Steal business data from you. By considering security from the beginning, you're ensuring a more successful project. Lock down entry points, encode all third party movements, and create a secure content policy for your entire website.

step 12

Database development

If your web solution is going to use customer data, then we'll need to design the right database for you. Correctly designing your database from the beginning (instead of ad-hoc) will save you much time and money. It will also ensure your website continues to operate fast! No one likes a slow database, so be sure to allocate a little time to building it properly from the beginning.

step 13

Visual UX

Lastly (and yes, we wish it was firstly), we work on the visual layout of your website. UX and it's implementation is a joint effort between Kosta, Kais and Steve. Every consideration is made for use on mobile, tablet and desktop.
After development, we can move back to analysis and measurement. With granular analytics and live design, we're always fine tuning your online platforms so they can continue to perform.
Kais Al Kaissi

Design & Identity

Kais Al Kaissi

The stage after analysis and strategy is design. Kais will be building your identity, user experience and making everything shiny.

  • Develop business identity
  • Extend identity into your media
  • Refine user experience from data
  • Create demographic driven design
  • Oversee visual outcome of development
Steven Vawdrey

Analytics & Marketing

Steven Vawdrey

This guy will be looking after your initial measurement, analytics strategy and digital media channels. Below, we’ll show you some of the things he does to ensure you’re securing the right customers for the right price.

  • Customer acquisition
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Adwords
  • Social marketing

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