Terms and Conditions

Studio Two provides digital and real world marketing, design and infrastructure services. Terms of service vary between them all – they are listed here for your reference.

Quality of service and products

Studio Two works hard to ensure a high quality of customer service (great communication), high quality of product and a high uptime of any digital infrastructure we provide.

Customer service

We’ll pick up the phone. This is crucial and an important point of difference with our competitors. While we don’t formally offer 24/7 customer service, we will all pickup the phone (while we’re awake) if you ever need urgent help.


A high quality of product means we will only put forward digital solutions, designs and marketing considerations that we’ve researched extensively and believe will benefit your business.


Probably the most important of all components. Our shared hosting environment last year hit 100% uptime. Our exchange mail service also hit 100% uptime and gave our users the best business class email available. Importantly, if there were to be any downtime we’ll still pickup the phone and respond to your queries while we fix any infrastructure issues.

Web development

Our websites are built with code at time of development. This means we build with what we have available today. While in many cases, websites can last upwards of 5-10 years, if you have a database complex or other unique components that require digital upkeep you may have to upgrade code to ensure the long lasting of your website development.

Guarantee: We’ll guarantee your website will perform to current browser settings for 2 years*

*does not include browser attacked websites, non-managed code or any website running on less than PHP7.2, or operates on degraded or out of date WordPress software, Laravel software or server software.

Graphic Design

Our graphic are built to last. Whether in print, screen or retina screen we work closely to your brief to ensure your targets are met. Our Graphics are built using industry standard Adobe software. Print material is exported using Adobe print standards to ensure a quality CMYK outcome.

If an outcome is not to your satisfaction, it will be reviewed internally by our Director for any design flaws. If any are found we will replace your design free of charge. If production was completed upon your approval of design (Print, outdoor or other) during this period, the studio will not be liable any further costs; however we will work to ensure any re-print or re-production costs are minimal.


Marketing is an advice based service. We take our marketing strategy and advice very seriously and will only put forward strategy we are confident will ultimately work for your business.

If a marketing outcome is not to your satisfaction, it will be reviewed internally by our Director for any creative or strategy flaws. If any are found we will rebuild. If media placement was completed upon your approval of marketing strategy (Print, outdoor, digital or other) during this period, the studio will not be liable any further costs; however we will work to ensure any re-placement of media is cost minimised.

Hosting and digital infrastructure

While we attempt to ensure uptime for our website hosting infrastructure is 100%, there may be at times we will need to take our service offline for maintenance. We will always aim to do this during minimal use periods.

If in the case we do experience downtime that is not anticipated, we will

  • Do everything we can immediately to rectify the issue
  • Make contact with you if deemed necessary (potential for loss of income to your business)

The Studio will not be liable for any damage to your business that are incurred during any downtime from our server or services.

If you are genuinely concerned about server uptime, accessibility and business loss, we do have other server solutions in the private non-shared space that have a higher level of redundancy, speed and reliability.

Payment for services

Most of Studio Two’s services require payment up front for any product or services rendered. In any case where payment is not requested prior to services or product rendered we will have our invoice terms labelled clearly on our invoice.

Subscription based services

Many of our services and products are subscription based. These are payable before you receive product or services as stated through our website.

Subscription based services with a setup period

Some of our products are shows to have a setup period. This setup period allows us to retrieve any relevant files, or setup your infrastructure correctly. This free use period is important to us : as we can setup your services without excessive stress : and important to you : you won’t be paying for software or subscription services where they might not be actioned immediately.

Late payment

If you make a late payment on your invoice you will incur late fees. These are set as follows and are valid as at 1/1/2020.
Interest is added to your total account at 18% per annum, calculated and added to your account weekly.
A monthly admin fee of $20 will also be added to your account. This monthly admin fee is also pro-rata added to your weekly statement.

Non payment

If payment is not received within a timely manner and if no communication has occurred to explain the non payment, your outstanding invoices and any interest or admin fees for your account will be passed to the Small claims tribunal.

Failing resolution from the Small claims tribunal, your outstanding invoices will be passed to our third party debt collection agency.

Outstanding debt will also be passed to our partnered credit agency. No responsibility is held by Studio Two for any damages against non-payment entities and their credit rating as a result of our reporting.

Any administration costs incurred by us, either by our own administration or a third party will be added to your outstanding invoice.

Hosting additional information

Studio Two provides multiple levels of hosting and Digital infrastructure. Bare Bones hosting additional information is here:

Bare Bones website/email hosting.
Bare Bones hosting is provided to you (the client) in an ‘as is’ condition. Bare Bones hosting is held in a shared hosting environment, using CPanel software. FTP / CPanel access is provided to you as soon as you purchase a Bare Bones package.
It is your responsibility to manage your own hosting, website and any other hosting based activity.
Studio Two manages the infrastructure and Software to keep your hosting environment running.
Bare Bones hosting environments are limited to:
– 2G storage
– 5 email address
– 40G bandwidth per month

Bare Bones hosting is aimed at providing intermediate users a cost effective hosting solution for small to mid sized business.
Additional design, development or hosting setup advice can be purchased separately.
If required, you are able to upgrade to Managed Hosting.