Studio Two launches TradeTrend

The worlds fastest signal notification bot. All operating under the Facebook messenger platform.

If you follow shares, stocks, commodities or currencies you’ll know the constant pressure of having to look at the screen for market fluctuations and how it grinds you into the ground. TradeTrend was built for those moments. Our bots look at the market and let you know when movement occurs.

Be notified when
– a currency moves a percentage amount set by you
– a currency hits a certain price

In May 2020, we’re aiming to release HTA our historical trend analysis tool. This tool will analyse the previous 500 similar movements and give you an indication if the trend will continue, or not. This exciting new tool will be available on demand, and thus we’ll be employing bleeding edge server technology to meet this demand. Only users of the TradeTrend messenger bot will have access to this feature.

You can discover more, and begin using TradeTrend for free –

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