Shares Plummet, Ainslie Bullion launches digital outdoor with Studio Two

Ainslie Bullion

Ainslie Bullion and Studio Two saw a massive marketing opportunity as COVID-19 began wreaking havoc on local and international markets, to better represent Ainslie Bullion within the Brisbane region. Working closely with GOA digital billboards, Studio Two began an agressive brand development and product awareness campaign that has driven new customer enquiry to the MAX.

As the ASX and SP500 continue in free-fall, gold and silver can provide a safe haven for investors (and opportunistic buyers) while worldwide markets take a battering.

Ainslie Bullion

With the outdoor campaign targeting over 20 iconic sites throughout Brisbane and also utilising the Valley Iconic site (One of Brisbane largest digital billboards), new customer enquiry has dramatically spiked.

As the world-wide market continues to unravel, we’ll see if gold and silver and Ainslie Bullion can play an important role to economic recovery.

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