Web Project Infrastructure Advisor

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Some web projects require a little extra thought at the beginning. And it is much better to talk to an expert, before you end up in a world of database or infrastructure pain later down the road.

Kosta is our lead web developer at Studio Two. His experience is second to none and continues to develop bleeding edge websites that push the boundaries of the platforms they are running on.

So if your digital project is warming up and looking to progress to the development stage, take a moment with Kosta to help figure the following:

  • Pick the right hosting environment
  • Choose the correct database setup, to ensure quick load times
  • Are you going to operate a CDN? What is the best way to set this up?
  • What redundancy will you have in place?
  • What security are you going to operate to minimise hacks and DDoS?
  • What language are you building your web application in?
  • Are you looking to develop your web application internally, or are you outsourcing for your project?

There is much to think of when designing and building a web application. So take an hour with Kosta to help better configure your project, from the beginning.

What it is?
A 1 hour consultation with the Studio Two lead web developer, to discuss and provide answers to your web project infrastructure questions.
Once you book your session, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.



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