Premium Search Marketing, Granular analytics and Fraud Prevention

$685.00 / month with a 14-day free trial and a $1,200.00 sign-up fee

Our premium search package, with granular analytics.

With Google search being the predominant method in reaching activated audiences, modern business must prioritise search marketing and ensure granular analytics across all of their business activities. Adwords requires regular management to ensure it continues to perform well.
Sadly, you cannot just ‘plug and play’ and hope for the best outcomes. Studio Two employs its extensive experience with Adwords management for the absolute best results possible.

We also incorporate our granular analytics and fraudulent clickthrough prevention package, for a complete premium search solution for your business.
Granular analytics gives us complete insight into where your customers come from, what they do onsite and how often they come back. Think of it as Google analytics but Supercharged. Granular analytics is a premium software install, that we use for all our retained services clientele to help them grow!
Fraudulent clickthrough prevention is critical in modern search marketing. We’ve seen some google ads accounts exceeding 80% in fraudulent activity, which means you’re paying 500% more for unique visitors to your website than you should.
Using our fraud prevention software, we can stop fraudulent clickthrough from your ads, blocking your competitors from clicking your ads and also stopping click farms. You’ll finally start receiving much cleaner unique traffic.

granular analytics


1 review for Premium Search Marketing, Granular analytics and Fraud Prevention

  1. Matt Carter

    We use Steve and the team at Studio Two for our Search marketing, analytics and click fraud prevention. After using numerous providers before, and being told made up stories about google click pricing, Studio Two managed to get our CPC down to a very reasonable rate, while also eradicating fraudulent click through from our ads (which used to exhaust our budget every day).
    We’ve cut our marketing spend significantly and now have consistent growth through our activities.

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