Marketing Strategy Monthly Mini Package

$1,800.00 $1,600.00 / month

Marketing Strategy, what we’d consider the most important part of every business direction.
With many small businesses unable to afford having a marketing strategist ‘on-tap’, Studio Two now offers a monthly mini retained services package that can be a perfect fit for you.

By securing this package, you’ll benefit from our Studio minds analysing your current brand position, crafting new methods to reach your audiences, recommending best industry practices to increase conversion, receive insight into bettering your digital infrastructure and much more.
You can take our strategy, and implement it with your designers.

Our expertise and experience. 
Steven Vawdrey, Director – Customer Engagement, Digital Engagement through multiple channels, Brand development, Analytics, Social engagement.
Kais Al Kaissi, Lead Designer – User Experience, Business Identity, Cultural engagement.
Kosta Andonovski, Lead Web Developer – Digital infrastructure, Redundancy, Deployment, Alternative infrastructure (serverless, bots, api)
Chad Breece – Search and Analytics, Influencer, Social engagement, Identity.

Consider Studio Two for your marketing strategy. It pays to continually revisit and develop/monitor strategic actions through the life span of your business.
This package entitles you to 10 contact hours from our studio, every month.


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