Discounted – Full Day Studio

$1,200.00 $999.00


Our discounted Full Day Studio booking can be used for a multitude of service requirements.
If you have graphic design requirements, web design requirements or marketing requirements – you can book our studio and brief us exactly to your requirements.

Studio Two brings multiple design and marketing skillsets to the table. And all can be requested during our full day studio booking.

We employ the following skillsets of work:

• Marketing strategy, planning and execution.

• Graphic design, photography and videography.

• Marketing and advertising (search, social, SEO and real world).

• Web infrastructure and development.

• Granular analytics and live design.


Book now through our website, and secure our discounted full day booking rate.
Once booked, we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable day and discuss your briefing for your work requirements.
Full day rate includes access to our full range of skill sets and available staff.
Contact hours completed for the day is not to exceed a collective 10 hours (between all staff involved).


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