Click Fraud Prevention

$120.00 / month with a 14-day free trial


Click fraud visitation now accounts for approximately 25% of all traffic, worldwide. Some websites experience much higher levels of fraudulent click through (we’ve seen as high as 80%!). With business paying anywhere from $2-$8 per clickthrough, this can really add up quickly. We stop fraudulent click through, letting Google focus on providing you with clean traffic.

Our click fraud prevention is a monthly subscription service. Enjoy a 14 day free trial.
Pricing is per domain, and capped at 1000 PPC per month.
Please enquire if your Adwords clickthrough is greater than 1000 unique clicks per month.

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What we need to setup your fraud detection software:

Access to the code of your website or admin access to your website console.
We’ll install a snippet of code to activate our software.
Access to your Adwords account. We’ll need to activate the click fraud software in here as well.


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