50G Exchange Mail Hosting

$22.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

Exchange Mail Hosting

Is your business looking for a premium email service, that can better filter SPAM, accessing email with ease on all your devices and not have to worry about using up your storage allowance each month?

With email communication now using more resources than websites, it can be a prudent investment to choose an Exchange mail hosting box instead of traditional POP3 or IMAP.

What are the differences?

Exchange mail assigns a dedicated IP address to each email address. This means that you cannot be affected by another user’s SPAM email degrading your domain value. It also means that your email is hosted completely separately from your website. This is extremely important in the event that one service may ‘drop out’ momentarily, your other service will continue to operate as per normal.

Storage with Exchange mail is also a major difference. POP3 or IMAP can only store using any spare space your website has left over on the server (ie – if you have a 2G website host, and your website uses 1G, then you will only ever have 1G to assign to your email services). Exchange mail assigns 50G to each email address = no more storage worries at all.

Exchange also:

  • Lets you send files up to 50MB in size as attachments
  • Automatically syncs your inbox, sent and drafts folders to all your devices.
  • Operates completely separately to your website. This means quicker email and more secure.

Our Exchange mailboxes are available on a per email address (ie john@smiths.com.au) and on a monthly subscription.

What we need to complete your installation:
The email address you’d like setup.
Access to change your domain DNS settings (if we have your domain, we can already do this).

Once you’ve made your purchase we can begin setting up your digital product or service.
We’ll be in contact to confirm your purchase.


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