Granular Analytics

Evolving Decisions Through Data

Digital design is now a living process. Don't guess your designs, web flow, funnels and everything regarding your digital business identity. Measure, strategise, design and market. Rinse and Repeat.

Steven Vawdrey

Analytics & Marketing

Steven Vawdrey

This guy will be looking after your initial measurement, analytics strategy and digital media channels. Below, we’ll show you some of the things he does to ensure you’re securing the right customers for the right price.

  • Customer acquisition
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Adwords
  • Social marketing

step 1


Firstly. Lets chat about acquisition. Every business looks for customers in a different way. Not every solution needs to be digital, and a real handshake in the real world can often make a massive difference. We'll look closely at how your business fits into the digital world and see if it has application.

step 2


Using our granular analytics, we can see every individual journey, where they come from and how many visits it takes to become a customer. We can analyse customer trend, correlate on page events to sales and setup traffic funnels to see where your site is succeeding and failing.

step 3


SEO. This can be the basis of all things magical with your customer acquisition. If you're SEO is completed correctly, you can receive organic visitors to your website, achieve cheaper visitation from paid google products and also better position your business in Google maps, Google business and other widely used search products around the world. We analyse and see exactly where you are positioned with Google, then can work directly on your SEO to ensure you meet your search goals.

step 4


Building your advertising for Google AdWords is a critical part of your customer acquisition success. Adverts must be built in line with your SEO and website position, otherwise your costs are going to skyrocket. Studio Two customers can also benefit from our automated "click control software", which stops click farms, bots and competitors from aggressively clicking on your ads.

step 5


Social marketing is the new 'Display marketing'. For some businesses, social can be the rocket fuel that helps them take off. For others, it can be a bottomless spend, with a non-measurable return. We help you clearly see if your spend is actually finding you clients, and if we need to better design your social marketing solution.
Curious what happens after analysis and measurement of your existing digital infrastucture? That's right. It's design and development time!
Kais Al Kaissi

Design & Identity

Kais Al Kaissi

The stage after analysis and strategy is design. Kais will be building your identity, user experience and making everything shiny.

  • Develop business identity
  • Extend identity into your media
  • Refine user experience from data
  • Create demographic driven design
  • Oversee visual outcome of development
Kosta Andonowski

web development

Kosta Andonovski

Once you have identity, it’s time to decide what marketing infrastructure you require. For many people it’s a website. But for a special few it may just be a social channel, a 3rd party ecommerce platform or you may not need any digital infrastructure (imagine that!)
Kosta is the man that helps figure this out.

  • Web architecture and infrastructure
  • Redundancy
  • Security
  • Database development
  • Visual UX and data collation

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