Kais Al Kaissi

Design & Identity

Kais Al Kaissi

The stage after analysis and strategy is design. Kais will be building your identity, user experience and making everything shiny.

  • Develop business identity
  • Extend identity into your media
  • Data to Design Refinement
  • Create demographic driven design
  • Oversee visual outcome of development

step 6

Business Identity

Business identity is crucial in creating a relatable entity that consumers are comfortable to 'talk to'. We are experts at deciphering what the public want to see when looking for a particular service or product. Kais brings a Masters of Branding and Identity (London University) to our team and his keen eye for detail is ever present.

step 7

Media & Identity

Creating logos and style guides is one thing, but integrating them into mobile, tablet and desktop environments is a whole other game. We ensure your identity is consistent between all media types while also keeping certain branding elements flexible, for use in special media types like print, outdoor, touch and signage.

step 8

Data to Design Refinement

A relatively new approach to design thought and one we use within all new projects. Whenever we receive new consumer data trend, we can revisit UX, landing pages and content on the fly. If the data discovers a larger percentage of female users between 55-65, we design better content suited to them. Data to design thresholds can be set and actioned as soon as they are discovered.
Kosta Andonowski

WEb and software

Kosta Andonovski

After Kais completes your identity and design work, our digital development guru Kosta now takes the reigns. Click through below to see how our digital design process continues.

  • Hosting environment
  • Code architecture
  • Database engineering
  • User experience
  • Security and Redundancy
Steven Vawdrey

WEb and software

Steven Vawdrey

This guy will be looking after your initial measurement, analytics strategy and digital media channels. Below, we’ll show you some of the things he does to ensure you’re securing the right customers for the right price.

  • Customer acquisition
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Adwords
  • Social marketing

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