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New gold standard is here.

Ainslie Bullion has launched the new Gold Standard.
Australia’s first tokenised gold product, is safely secured at Reserve Vault and Audited by 3rd party. You can also redeem your tokens for real gold or real silver.

The Gold (AUS) and Silver (AUG) has been very well received, especially during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Physical gold and silver was almost impossible to secure due to social distancing protocol, but Ainslie’s Gold and Silver Standard was still actively trading, 24/7 through CoinSpot’s exchange.

The CoinSpot listing has created Australia’s first 24/7 physical gold and silver trading platform.

With it’s continued growth, we could well be looking at the future of gold and silver trading.

Ainslie Bullion gold standard
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Studio Two launches TradeTrend

The worlds fastest signal notification bot. All operating under the Facebook messenger platform.

If you follow shares, stocks, commodities or currencies you’ll know the constant pressure of having to look at the screen for market fluctuations and how it grinds you into the ground. TradeTrend was built for those moments. Our bots look at the market and let you know when movement occurs.

Be notified when
– a currency moves a percentage amount set by you
– a currency hits a certain price

In May 2020, we’re aiming to release HTA our historical trend analysis tool. This tool will analyse the previous 500 similar movements and give you an indication if the trend will continue, or not. This exciting new tool will be available on demand, and thus we’ll be employing bleeding edge server technology to meet this demand. Only users of the TradeTrend messenger bot will have access to this feature.

You can discover more, and begin using TradeTrend for free –

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Studio Two launches BusinessDoks

A software first, for both the studio and also the world.

Studio Two have built a digital document storage system that reminds you when a document is due for renewal.

‘We saw a real need within small and mid sized business to correctly store documents that require renewals. Items like training certification, licensing, Insurance, Inspections and much much more. ” Steven Vawdrey, Director.


With a plethora of document storage tools already out there, we really needed a strong point of difference. And BusinessDoks with renewal notifications gives us exactly that.

Recent updates within the core software also now allow users to send document renewal notifications via SMS. SMS broadcast (to all users within a system) is also now available.

No more missed documents, license renewals or training updates for staff. Store your documents correctly, use BusinessDoks.

Start using BusinessDoks for free –

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C3 Food launches with Studio Two

Studio Two has quickly deployed a Ready Made Meals into the marketplace, in response to the current COVID-19 environment.

ACIT Group has been working closely with our studio for over 5 years. They focus on wholesale foods, food storage and logistics. Due to market fluctuations and food security concerns, they have launched C3 – a ready made meals company that can deliver ready made meals direct to Brisbane based residents.

C3 Food

Meals are available from a uber low price of $2.99 and range from gourmet dinners, breakfasts to pizzas and pastas. With their 2 person serves you can also feed a couple for less than $6.5 per person.

We’ll continue to take this business further into the Brisbane market in the coming months.

To discover C3 Ready Made Meals, visit

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Shares Plummet, Ainslie Bullion launches digital outdoor with Studio Two

Ainslie Bullion and Studio Two saw a massive marketing opportunity as COVID-19 began wreaking havoc on local and international markets, to better represent Ainslie Bullion within the Brisbane region. Working closely with GOA digital billboards, Studio Two began an agressive brand development and product awareness campaign that has driven new customer enquiry to the MAX.

As the ASX and SP500 continue in free-fall, gold and silver can provide a safe haven for investors (and opportunistic buyers) while worldwide markets take a battering.

Ainslie Bullion

With the outdoor campaign targeting over 20 iconic sites throughout Brisbane and also utilising the Valley Iconic site (One of Brisbane largest digital billboards), new customer enquiry has dramatically spiked.

As the world-wide market continues to unravel, we’ll see if gold and silver and Ainslie Bullion can play an important role to economic recovery.

Discover more –