C3 Food launches with Studio Two

Studio Two has quickly deployed a Ready Made Meals into the marketplace, in response to the current COVID-19 environment.

ACIT Group has been working closely with our studio for over 5 years. They focus on wholesale foods, food storage and logistics. Due to market fluctuations and food security concerns, they have launched C3 – a ready made meals company that can deliver ready made meals direct to Brisbane based residents.

C3 Food

Meals are available from a uber low price of $2.99 and range from gourmet dinners, breakfasts to pizzas and pastas. With their 2 person serves you can also feed a couple for less than $6.5 per person.

We’ll continue to take this business further into the Brisbane market in the coming months.

To discover C3 Ready Made Meals, visit www.c3food.com.au

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