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We use insightful granular analytics to grow brands and businesses. 

Our small team include professionals in Brand & Identity, Web Development, Digital Analytics and Digital Marketing (SEO, Social & Search). 


Analytics driven design

Evolving Decisions Through Data

Digital design is now a living process. Don't guess your designs, web flow, funnels and everything regarding your digital business identity. Touchpoints and channel data needs to be analysed daily to ensure you're reaching new and existing audiences. We analyse your existing web traffic flow and present clear concise reasoning behind every design recommendation. Keep your customers moving confidently through your web channels, making purchases and being reminded when it's time to purchase again. Curious how we do this? Contact us today.

Steven Vawdrey

Analytics & Marketing

Steven Vawdrey

As Director and also head of analytics and marketing, Steven has a lead role in ensuring your brand is correctly measured and then positioned to grow. He’ll be hands on throughout the entire process and you’ll be talking to him very soon if you book an appointment to meet below.

analyse and strategise

Kais Al Kaissi

Brand and Identity

Kais Al Kaissi

Kais holds a Masters of Branding and Identity (University of the Arts, London) while also speaking English, French and Arabic. Kais keeps every pixel in it’s place – in both digital and print. Every project is ensured a high quality visual with his input.


Kosta Andonowski

web development

Kosta Andonovski

Kosta is our code-monkey, focusing on custom web apps, third party integrations and cleaning up inherited code. His care for every project is second only to his enthusiasm in completing 10 pushups every 30 minutes. Jokes aside, Kosta works tirelessly to ensure all our websites are always live and working efficiently.

web development

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How does it work?

We measure and analyse every individual digital journey, where they come from and how many visits it takes to become a customer. We also see roadblocks, stop points and congestion areas on your websites - and then design solutions to improve your visitor flow, ultimately creating more customers for you. Click through to one of our stages of work - Analysis, Design and Develop.


Skills you can trust

"We've been caring for our clientele since 2003. It's not about us being rockstars, it's about providing you with results from your digital channels. We get consistent, measurable results from SEO, Social and Search marketing. And we get these results from granular analytics."
Steven Vawdrey
Director of Studio Two
completed projects and growing

Questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing varies on the workload required. We can be engaged to complete a one-off granular analysis, to a yearly retained agreement to complete all marketing, identity and web work.

Our studio is located on Tamborine Mountain. We are frequently in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

While Google analytics can give you some insight into your users, this is very limited in comparison to the conversion based metrics we have at our finger tips.

We can measure:
 – Conversion based insight from any marketing channel, button click or page load on your website. 
 – How many visits it takes to become a customer and the exact marketing efforts it has taken to get them there.
 – Trend analysis showing what behaviour flow best creates customers quickly.
 – and provide on-demand, regular reporting and living design recommendations.

We also complete all our graphics, code and SEO efforts in-house. So you won’t have any external suppliers other than our team to handle your requirements.

Many things. Here’s a few things we do differently at Studio Two.

 – We don’t resell media like many of our competitors. Our customers book their media directly through google, facebook, twitter etc, saving mucho dollars.

 – We aren’t salespeople. Our competitors have sales quotas and often use pressure selling tactics to keep you spending. We simply ‘get the job done’ as efficiently as possible and we often reduce customers marketing and media spend.

– We genuinely care. All 3 of us love what we do and we put 100% into it, everyday. 


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