User Experience Design – UX

Many argue that the WEB is now dead. Everything that can be done, has been done.

In a way, these people are right. If you don’t already have a website, you’ll probably never have one. And if you do have a website, you’re well underway with traffic measurement, management and acquisition (great work:)

The next stage with digital development, into the future – is better designing for your user experience. User experience is a wide term that describes how your digital audience engages with your digital platforms. This can range from your website, to your social media and more importantly – your Apps.

As users continue to satiate their never ending desires for app downloads, businesses are left wondering how they can be part of the fun too. The best (and only) way to approach digital platform design is through User Experience design.

Gone are the days of just throwing a User into a website solution that only presents information / allowing them to take your pricing and ask it to be matched elsewhere. What can your digital platform do to keep them there longer, remember your name more often and even entertain them. User Experience (UX) brings a little traditional marketing into the mix too, by focusing more on brand than on search (SEO).

UX can be a basic redesign of your website, that allows users to more intuitively navigate through your offerings. It can also be a totally new App that reinforces your brand, while a user happily purchases or engages with your product.

Whatever your  business, consider a little UX within your digital platforms. It’s all about engagement.




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